Hello Knight,

We will assist you on how to get rid of the problems frequently encountered during login or loading.

Problems and answers solutions:

Problem 1 -) KnightOnline.exe opens, closes without any error on the screen of entering ID and PASSWORD or gives error 10061 after entering ID and PASSWORD.

Solution 2 -) You know that KnightOnline 1299 is an old game, for this reason KnightOnline.exe file started to cause problems in Windows 10 versions. In order to be a solution, KnightOnline.exe file was reconfigured by our software and made available. Now, all operating systems can log in without any problems, but the reasons for people with the 10061 error to get this error are usually because their computers have viruses, firewall blocks, no access to the hosts file or virus infection, the owner of the hosts file has changed or does not have Administrator authority.

What should I do ?

1 -) Disable the firewall, delete the anti virus program and patch again.
2 -) Make sure that the file named C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc is the only hosts file. If you cannot see a file there, it means your computer has gotten a virus due to the programs you use. dosyayi indirin ve icinde bulunan adimlari izleyin.

Problem 2 -) I open the game but no keys work on the keyboard.

Solution 2 -) Restart your computer and re-enter the game.

Problem 3 -) I press start from Launcher, but KnightOnline.exe does not appear and nothing happens.

Solution 3 -) Re-patch from 1299 and try to enter. If not, try closing all the sites and programs running in the background and entering that way.

As different problems arise, we will write their solutions here, good luck, Knight.